Healing Animals Foundation

The Healing Animals Foundation showcases the wonderful fund raising students and graduates from the Healing Animals Organisation work towards to help animals in need. One of the learning outcomes from the Diploma in Animal Healing is that each intake organises and runs a fund raising event for an animal charity through the Healing Animals Organisation. Thousands of pounds have been raised each year from these fund raising activities. Animal charities such as the RSPCA, Dog Rescue Cyprus, Celia Hammond, Paws Animal Sanctuary, Sussex Bat Hospital, Moorcroft Racehorse Rehabilitation, ACE Egypt, Home and Abroad Animal Welfare and the National Animal Welfare Trust to name but a few have benefitted from these donations to help our animal friends.

Team work and passion are everything when you are fund raising for animals in need. I am incredibly proud and in awe of my students and graduates who all have an important role to play and many gifts to share; the camaraderie and bonding amongst the students is second to none, some making lifelong friends on the journey. Our aim is to help animals in need. When we work as a team, focused and motivated, anything is possible to those that believe.

Best wishes Elizabeth Whiter

2024 Dates for your Diary

2019 Dates for your Diary


As some of you may have heard, one of the rescues that the Healing Animal’s Organisation supports and visits in Cyprus is in desperate need. In response, I will be hosting 3 events at the beautiful barn at Chealsfield, West Sussex to help raise urgent funds for D.O.G Rescue Cyprus. All welcome

Healing Animals Sponsored Walk May 2019

The Healing Animals Organisation sponsored walk raised a total of £1,257 split between Paws Animal Sanctuary, Lindsay's Rescue Animals and the Bat Hospital. Congratulations to my wonderful students.

Working Trip to Cyprus 2016

Dog Rescue Cyprus
October 12th 2016 Dali, Cyprus
Written By Louise Wilson Graduate of the Healing Animals Organisation.

I have experienced every emotion possible in the last week very over whelming at times, I can truly say I feel blessed to have been involved, I have worked with fabulous teachers two and four legged who have taught me so much more! read more


My name is Adele Barker and I am a Graduate of the Diploma in Animal Healing with Elizabeth Whiter and also trained in the professional Natural Food Animal Remedies, I am now furthering my animal husbandry skills, attending the Equine Diploma Healing course run by Elizabeth at her Headquarters’ in the South Downs, West Sussex. read more

ACE EGYPT Annual Pilgrimage to Volunteer January 2016

Every year the Healing Animals Organisation makes its annual pilgrimage to volunteer our services to ACE Egypt. In January, 14 graduates from the professional Diploma in animal healing accompanied me to help out at the animal hospital. read more

At Home with Pets – Meeting Elizabeth Whiter

The Healing Animals Organisation were in Cyprus in October working with Dog Rescue Cyprus.

We gave healing to the many hundreds of dogs which are rescued each year. I donated my Animal Choices food oils such as Rosehip, Bladderwrack, Mint and Nettle, wonderful nutritious food snacks for wellbeing and good health. read more

Animal Whispers Sound Therapy CD for you and your Animals

Elizabeth Whiter MNFSH MHAO IIZ International Animal Healer, Author and Meditation Facilitator has collaborated with Tim Wheater AGSM world renowned flautist and healing sound therapist to create a unique piece of healing music for you and your animals.

Recorded with 528hz. The frequency of love.
The precise scientific vibration of nature and life itself.

Section One Instrumental Healing Music 29:04
Section Two Guided Visualisation with Elizabeth Whiter 29:29

Animal Whispers Sound Therapy CD £9.99 + £1.00 P&P

RSPCA Patcham Open Day and Dog Show 20th July 2014


An incredible 32 animal healings took place at the HAO tent yesterday. We handed over £160 to RSPCA Patcham Read more...

Liz healing Draco at The Healing Weekend, Secret World

RSPCA Patcham 17th July 2011

It was literally a case of all hands, and paws, on deck at the RSPCA at Patcham on Sunday, 17th July. The event was the Annual open day at Patcham, and the faithful students of the Healing Animals Organisation were out in full force. read more

Healing Animals South Africa May 2011

The first time I ever spoke to Liz was when she phoned me to make an appointment for my interview to do the Diploma in Animal Healing.  It was October 2009 and I’ll never forget her words: ‘We’ll be going to South Africa and you’ll be my assistant’!  I had just relocated after teaching on the African continent for 27 years and had no plans to return so I was surprised but excited to hear this! 
Liz invited me to accompany her to South Africa as she was keen to set up firm links with animal rescue centres, offering healing and animal welfare skills,  with the help of my contacts there and the Hay House publishing agents based in Johannesburg we organised a very full itinerary. read more

Please Support our Animal Welfare Charity Projects!

Donations of any size are greatly appreciated to help us work in partnership with charities, to treat, prevent cruelty, provide veterinary care and education for the welfare of animals across the globe. We are currently raising funds for:

A.C.E (Animal Care in Egypt) A.C.E Egypt
HAAAW (Home and Abroad Animal Welfare in Sri Lanka) HAAAW
RSPCA (Royal Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in the UK) RSPCA Brighton

Volunteers needed for April 2015

There is a fantastic opportunity for students and graduates Of HAO to heal cats and dogs in Sri Lanka. If you are interested in volunteer work and you would like to know more details please liaise directly with Janice at janice.down@btinternet.com

Healing Animals Organisation had a stand at MBS Olympia 2014

Healing Animals Organisation

The Healing Animals Organisation has been set up to help animals in need.

All animals benefit from healing. It helps in a wide range of physical, emotional and psychological conditions, working holistically on the whole animal, rather than on isolated symptoms. Healing is a natural therapy, promoting calm, peace and deep relaxation.

Healing supports all animals at every stage of their rehabilitation. We work very closely with the veterinary fraternity to offer you and your trusted animal companion a complementary and professional service.

Graduates of the Diploma in Animal Healing use in-depth consultation, animal husbandry skills and knowledge of environmental factors to help promote wellness and enhance the bonds of love and trust between animal and carer.


Elizabeth Whiter and Dr Rohini Sathish MRCVS have written a new book

You Can Heal Your Pet is a no-nonsense guide that inspires a new type of holistic pet care and empowers the modern pet owner. Read More


The Healing Animals Organisation attended the RSPCA Patcham Fun Day on Sunday 19 July together with HAO students as part of Module 3 of the Diploma course
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Robert Donkers hao grad is raising money for NoToDogMeat Foundation.

sponsored walk

In August 2014 I decided to walk Hadrian’s Wall with my 2 Shih Tzus Madeleine and Ronan and my Chihuahua Hannah to raise vital funds.

As a small child I always had this fantasy about walking with animals in nature, away from civilisation and “surviving” in the wild having to rely on my animal friends for support.
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click here to donate to Robert's cause on Just Giving.
click here to read what Charles Kennedy MP says

The Healing Animals Organisation Sponsored Walk 25th May 2014

sponsored walk

Healing Animals Organisation sponsored walk raised £2,267.00
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Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary Fun Day September 2013

Holly Hedge is an animal shelter near the village of Barrow Gurney in North Somerset...
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raystede summer fair
june 2013

The sun shone down on Raystede's Summer Fair and a good time was had by all.
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graduate volunteer trip to ACE egypt 2013

Jane HAO Graduate writes about her week at ACE in Luxor with Liz and her team
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The Healing Animals Organisation Sponsored Walk 19th May 2012

wild wings and ruthie

I am so proud of my Healing Animals Organisation students who raised £917. Read More

The Healing Animals Organisation Sponsored Walk 26th May 2012

Congratulations to The Healing Animals Organisation Diploma students who raised £1336. Read More

Call of the Wild 2013

Birds of Prey

Elizabeth invites you to join her on this amazing weekend workshop:

Healing and Communication Weekend with Birds of Prey 2nd & 3rd March 2013
Location: Looe in Cornwall

Click here for full information and booking form

Sound Concert with
Jonathan Hugh

Sound Concert with Jonathan Hugh

The Sound concert with Jonathan Hugh raised £200 for ACE Egypt


A WING DING of a TIME at Sussex

All things wild and winged gathered at Sussex on Saturday 14th May 2011 as the students of the Healing Animals Organisation pooled their skills to help the Sussex Bat Group by hosting a Wing Ding Fund Raising Evening.

Sussex looked amazing in the gentle evening light.  Even the sand school was prepped and ready to welcome visitors to park, and children to play.  With the steady flow of guests mixing with the host students, many of whom were winged fairies and butterflies themselves, the atmosphere was full of gentle good cheer and fun. read more

RSPCA OPEN DAY Patcham 2010

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HAO Raising Money for Horses in Egypt

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RSPCA Fundraising event 2009

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Liz Healing Camel in the Sinai Desert

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Bat Fundraising

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haaw fundraising halloween part

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